As IT and AV technologies have merged, utilizing the enterprise LAN/WAN architecture to distribute Audio Visual over Internet Protocol (AVoIP) content throughout the organization, facility, the desktop and to mobile devices at the very edge is now a viable and more cost-effective solution with bandwidth and processing being readily available. Unassailable Solutions can assist you in architecting your network and video encoding, distribution, transcoding and decoding platform. AVoIP is not just for high speed, low latency, high availability environments with limited users. Today we can architect AVoIP solutions that will support the LAN as well as the WAN with high latency low bandwidth conditions for thousands and or tens of thousands of users

What is AVoIP?

AVoIP is the transmission of audio, video and control signals over a standard ethernet network, to include, LAN, WAN or the internet. AVoIP uses standard network infrastructure to switch and transmit high resolution AV and control signals – with low latency.

Many AV systems are designed using various AVoIP technologies some being proprietary to a manufacturer and others using published open standards such as Software Defined Video Over Ethernet (SDVOE) and Digital Audio Network Through Ethernet (DANTE). There are AVoIP solutions that use 1 Gb and some that use 10Gb standards, and some do both. Most platforms will over solution that support Copper CAT 5/6 cabling as well as SFP based fiber optic cabling.

Many of the AVoIP system deployed in the government are stand alone “stove Piped” systems that do not require connectivity to the enterprise networks in a given facility. AVoIP systems can be deployed onto an enterprise network which can offer the government the benefits of security monitoring, as well as leverage existing infrastructure.

AVoIP is scalable allowing the end users to add to and or modify the existing system when the mission and requirements change. The signal distribution is decentralized which can be an advantage over the more traditional analog and or digital matrix switches.

Which platform, manufacturer, technology is right for you and your mission? Unassailable Solutions’ leadership has been designing software based and AVoIP solutions for the government and military since 2001

Our Solutions

AV Over Ip

Audio visual & multi media solutions are becoming part of the overall organizational enterprise, Unassailable Solutions LLC are experts at integration.

Audio Visual Solutions

We offer professional consulting, design and engineering services to government agencies that do not have a resident Audio Visual or Visual Information Subject Matter Expert (SME).

Command & Operations Centers

Unassailable Solutions LLC has the ability to design secure software defined multimedia solutions that integrate into the enterprise domain.

Meeting Rooms

Unassailable Solutions LLC create classrooms and conference rooms that inspire productivity. Let us design the perfect work space for your environment.

Web & Video Conferencing

Unassailable Solutions LLC has the ability to design secure software defined multimedia solutions that integrate into the enterprise domain.

Digital Signage

Unassailable Solutions LLC can help you create and deliver stunning visuals that will capture your audiences attention thru intelligent digital technology and software.

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